Australian singer-songwriter HAZLETT releases highly anticipated new single Suncats on August 9, 2019 via BLNK Music.

A self-proclaimed over-thinker and his own therapist, HAZLETT’s music manages to find beauty in the banalities of modern life. With a well-heeled past touring in rhythm sections and ghostwriting for other artists, HAZLETT has seen more than we know and is armed with a voice of authenticity to sing about it all, from karaoke with Lindsay Lohan and celibacy, to hosting an AA meeting, and friends vomiting on him in taxis. 

His touring life has seen even more excitement around the world in recent months, opening for rising female singer/songwriter and label-mate, SHY Martin on a 14-date European tour in the spring, followed by touring his native Australia. Including huge sets at Sydney’s iconic Enmore Theatre and The Forum in Melbourne.

Moving forward to 2019 and we see the release of Suncats, that follows up from his introspective single Fireworks – a brutally honest attempt to portray his transition from “my life is a mess” to “everything happens for a reason”.

Produced by Freddy Alexander, Suncats is another slice of hopeful upbeat indie. Inspired by dancing sun reflections, it showcases HAZLETT’s affinity to the romantic, despite the song being born from a moment of post-break-up depression. As with the majority of HAZLETT’s songs, he is at his most endearing when he discovers and shares the poetic beauty found in the sombre and mundane.

Speaking to the motivation behind Suncats, HAZLETT shares:

“I was lying on the floor of the studio sulking and strumming my guitar. The sun was reflecting off it and dancing along the wall when my Swedish friend pointed to the reflections and said “what do you call those in English?”. I said we didn’t really have a word for something like that. He explained in Sweden you call them ‘Solkatter’ which directly translates to ‘Suncats’. That word flipped the switch for me. It took something so simple or unnoticeable and made it poetic. It was like a metaphor that snapped me out of my cliché post-break-up depression. Find a little beauty in the mundane and even a little good in the bad. If you do that nothing is ever a waste of time.”

Listen to Suncats below!

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