Hayley Reardon’s “Everything Else” Brings Peace

A soft, ethereal acoustic guitar entice listeners within the first few notes of Hayley Reardon’s newest single “Everything Else”. It’s not long until the audience is met by Hayley’s innocently soulful voice soaring through the speakers. “I was just a kid back then, but I didn’t fall in love like one. I was just the morning’s friend, trying to make a way for the sun.” The first lyrical line captivates and showcases exactly what it is that Hayley Reardon does so well. She writes…. Honestly. Vulnerably. Intimately.

This emerging indie-folk singer-songwriter has travelled the globe sharing her music with listeners around the world, and it’s easy to see why. She connects with her listeners on an emotional level with a certain depth and wisdom that reminds us of the folk singer-songwriters of previous generations. Through her soft guitar picking and distinctively rich voice, Reardon eloquently recalls the folk tradition of yesterday with an unmistakably modern acoustic sound over and over again with every new song. “Everything Else” is no exception. Written about a disorienting time in her life in which a lot of things were rearranging, “Everything Else” is a song about leaning into that unsteady, chaotic feeling and actually finding some strange peace in it.  It’s through Hayley’s tranquil voice and timeless lyrics that we’ve come to find that peace too.

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