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For those who like their athematic rock, Freedom Of The City are certainly worth lending an ear. Hailing from the musical hotbed of Manchester, Freedom of the City have everything you’d expect from these pastures. Blending synths, guitars and visionary lyrics this band have created a sound that has echoes of Oasis and Kasabian with a touch of something new and fresh.

‘Bad Taste’ is the third single to be released from the band in the run up to their debut albums release later this year. It pulls out all the stops swelling with attitude as singer George snarls with an air of Liam Gallagher about him, while bass play Chris blasts out runs that mirror an Absolution era Muse and keep your heart pumping.

Freedom of the city are not a band to be missed, and this latest release keeps up the anticipation for their debut album which comes later this year.

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