Harry Heart releases heavenly life affirming new single ‘Montaigne’

Harry Heart is one of those artists that come along very rarely in a lifetime. A dual resident and native to Sydney, Australia and East London outskirts of Walthamstow respectively. This young troubadour has come of age.

Recently invited on his first ever UK headline tour, Harry captivated crowds at a total of 20 shows in just two weeks. The relentless tour-schedule proved to be worthwhile, resulting in BBC airplay and accumulating almost ​half a million streams across Spotify ​and​ Apple Music, driving the 26 year old into a creative frenzy, the fruits of which will fuel a series of upcoming Harry Heart releases in 2019.

The first single to be released since Harry Heart’s foray into the UK is Montaigne.

Striking a perfect balance of confident, guitar-driven indie rock with a gentle desperation, evident in Heart’s emotive vocals and powerful lyrics, fans of Heart’s previous work will notice a common theme in Montaigne; brutal honesty.

“I learned a lot from [Michel de Montaigne]’s essays” Heart explains. “The concept that really resonated with me was showing all sides of yourself, good and bad. I channelled that idea in this song, honesty’s the best policy, people are over being filtered and refined”.

After releasing the 2018 EP First Endorphin, Harry toured Australia twice, and made his UK debut, while also performing at Australian Music Week and featuring on Apple’s Best of the Week: Pop playlist. With the wheels now very much in motion, a new EP is on the horizon.

“Touring always helps improve the tracks before I step back into the studio. Lately the songs come in little waves, similar batches of tracks, so a new EP just made sense.”

Montaigne is the first taste of the forthcoming Hands in the Hive EP, to be released later this year. If the single is anything to go by, fans of the young East Londoner can expect a refreshing dose of sincerity driven directly from the giant voice and finesse guitar playing of Harry Heart.