Harrison Caldeira is Honest and Open about Love in New Single “Friends With Benefits”

With a sound that is inspired by Sam Cooke, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Daniel Caesar, Harrison Caldeira combines his airy vocals with a harmonious track to highlight his songwriting.

Harrison Caldeira returns with his new single “Friends With Benefits”. Written, composed, and produced by Caldeira himself, the new single is busy and energetic with a hint of ere solitude. “Friends With Benefits” lyrically takes a dive into the struggles of the modern relationship. Caldeira writes about the desire for something more, something real.

Reflecting on the single’s inspiration, Caldeira says, “I wrote this song after a grueling fifteen-hour shift landscaping. I was at the grocery store where I saw a headline on a magazine that said, ‘Friends with Benefits’ and I wanted to tell that story. “

In the beginning, the Toronto native started releasing music on YouTube in 2008. After the success of his 2017 EP, The Equinox, Caldeira began exploring various sounds. In the end, he moved away from his signature acoustic approach. With a new musical direction, “Friends With Benefits” is his first single that reflects his new artistry.

The single is a straightforward love song tackling modern romance. Caldeira’s vocals are infectiously smooth, carrying the lyrics effortlessly and hypnotically. The arrangement is light but holds a beat that is perfect for a chill atmosphere.

Currently, Harrison Caldeira is excited for fans to hear his new single “Friends With Benefits”. Next, Caldeira will release his second single “Silence” with a music video. Be sure to follow Harrison Caldeira on Social Media to stay up-to-date on his new releases.

For more information: harrsioncaldeira.com