Harris Breyfogle Shares “Just Dreams”

Singer, songwriter, and accomplished guitarist Harris Breyfogle has released “Just Dreams”. The song is an instantly enveloping track, exuding a cinematic soundscape that creates a unique and immersive atmosphere. Breyfogle’s smooth vocals sit lock-step with his guitar work, bringing a strength to his otherwise airy delivery. “Just Dreams” is undeniably a pop song at its heart, but Breyfogle’s blues influences glimmer through in his guitar lines. Breyfogle describes his songwriting process,  “I want to sink the listener, not only into a song and scenario, but a personal scene and situation, leaving the music impactful on an intimate level.” 

Harris Breyfogle was born and raised in Virginia and began his musical journey early on, dabbling with multiple instruments before choosing to become a guitar player. Inspired by the sounds of his father’s Fender and his guitar heroes (such as Eric Clapton), Breyfogle kick-started his guitar career by attending Berklee College of Music.

When asked about how his band came to be, Breyfogle revealed the following: “I was offered to play guitar on and help arrange an EP for a good friend of mine. I got close with her band, who later helped me record some live demos. The band never stuck around but the demos were killer.” He continues,  “the live samples and my reputation caught the attention of my now permanent bass player; Myles and my rhythm guitarist; “Leo”. I snagged them and arranged a rehearsal. They communicated well and really felt the blues in my playing. There was an instant cohesion and we clicked. Adding them to my core setup of myself and drummer Max Meizlisch, who has stuck with me since my first week at Berklee, was a no-brainer and we knew we were onto something good.”