Gypsy Circus release heartfelt new single ‘A Place to Stay’

Following recent release of Thin Ice, a euphoric jangling rock banger, A Place To Stay sees Scottish four-piece Gypsy Circus concoct another striking arrangement.

Whether ranging from the high the octane alt.rock of former release Holy Lights and Shadows, to the poignant, lo-fi acoustic ballad of current single A Place To Stay, Gypsy Circus continue to showcase a diversity and richness to their songwriting.

Opening with beautifully plucked guitar notes, the track is enveloped in the ever impressive vocals of Aaron King. King’s clever use of vocal movement is combined with the juxtaposition of gorgeous female harmonisation, making A Place To Stay a reflective, wistful rock ballad with bittersweet lyrics, infectious in its delivery.

2019 has been a successful year for Gypsy Circus picking up support from the likes of The Scotsman, Little Indie Blogs, Come Here Floyd, Nicorola, Indie Music Central, BBC Alba and Amazing Radio to name but a few. Latest single A Place To Stay, again highlights their ability to write and perform an eclectic range of emotive rock music, marking them out as one’s to watch in 2020.

A Place To Stay is out now.