Chris Reardon releases new video for ‘Spiders’

Following the success of his debut single ‘Bends’, Chris Reardon is back with the new single ‘Spiders’. The new track takes a much more intense direction than the debut, declaring his vulnerability through beautiful lyrics and angelic vocals. Accompanied by simple dreamy guitar riffs makes this a song to perfectly showcase Reardon’s talent. Not to mention that it was written and produced by him too!

Speaking of talent, Reardon also helped with the concept and design for the video for ‘Spiders’. Again the video perfectly conveys the vulnerability of the song; following a man on his personal journey from a quaint town up to the snowy mountains, with some stunning landscape shots of Stockholm, Sweden throughout to add to the majestic feel of the film.

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Upon watching the video you feel that it was made for the song as it fits so well with the lyrics, creating a complete image and aesthetic to the track. However it is in fact quite the opposite as it was filmed two years previously. Chris said; “I was waiting till the right song came along before using the film. ‘Spiders’ is that song. The video echoes some of the songs key themes – a personal journey, a sense of resolution.” 

The track is taken from the upcoming EP ‘From The Outside In’ to be released this August, which is set to make a huge impact on the singer-songwriter genre.