Grubby & Cheesmore collaborate for ‘Warmish’ EP

Irish artists Grubby and Cheesmore have come together to collaborate on the “cross-continental lo-fi” project that is the ‘Warmish’ EP. The pair use glitchy instrumentals, hip-hop influenced drums and percussion, and bedroom pop-style guitars and synths, to carve a niche out for themselves somewhere between Brockhampton and Zack Villere.

The EP exhibits an up-front and confessional style of lyricism, aided with features from Dublin Pop performer Greg Tisdall and Soft Boy Records-affiliated Henry Earnest. Having met as recruited members of Tisdall’s live band, Grubby and Cheesmore fast became close friends and collaborators. When Cheesmore moved to the Netherlands and Grubby graduated from a sound production course, the two initially began to help each other out with their respective solo material. With Cheesmore often adding crunchy bass lines and glitchy sound design to Grubby’s music and Grubby returning the favour by adding intricate and unusual elements to the drums and percussion of Cheesmore’s music, the pair soon decided to work together on an EP project.

One of the most interesting facets of this EP is the way in which it was recorded, particularly given these unusual COVID-19-striken times we find ourselves in. ‘Warmish’ was written and recorded almost exclusively via FaceTime! The distance between the two is hard to imagine given the record’s vocal intimacy and consistent production style. Grubby & Cheesmore’s ‘Warmish’ EP is a testament to these two talented artists and we highly recommend having a listen below.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Project