Grizzly Coast Drops “Forever” Music Video

Grizzly Coast‘s new single, “Forever,” embraces the idea that nobody should wait around for someone who can’t make up their mind on if they want to be with you, while also acknowledging the confusing feelings of projection and desire that typically accompany that dynamic.

Alannah Kavanagh evokes the feelings of romanticism, longing, and loneliness that you experience when you intuitively know you’re on the cusp of the end of a relationship you hoped would develop into something more meaningful.

The message behind “Forever” acts as a warning; while it can be easy to get caught up in relationships that repeatedly push you away and pull you back in, mixed signals in dating are actually a strong message. Once it becomes clear, you can step away from that cycle.

Stay tuned for more from Grizzly Coast‘s forthcoming debut EP soon.