It’s been four years since Green Day released their last album (or, as it were, albums). The trilogy, whilst causing mixed reviews, was generally well received by fans who have been awaiting new material ever since.

Now, finally, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong announced on his Instagram and Twitter that a new single would be released on the 11th of August.

‘dear friends!’ he wrote, ‘green day is putting out a new single called ‘BANG BANG’ August 11. stay tuned for more details.’ Since this post, Armstrong has posted a photo of the band with the hashtag ‘#8daysleft’, which has understandably increased fan excitement all over the world. 

Due to the split opinions over the style of ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré!, it will be interesting to see if Green Day’s sound will continue to develop, or if the single will pay homage to the classic albums which fans know and love. 

‘BANG BANG’ will be released on August 11th via Reprise Records.

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