Granite Chief Shares “Hold It Down”

Granite Chief shares new single “Hold It Down” in anticipation of the release of his debut EP, Welcome Back. “Hold It Down” is a reflective indie-electro track, backed with acoustic guitars juiced with booming kick drum and crystal clear piano. Following the release of his first single, “Hear Me Out”, Granite Chief continues to invite listeners into a vulnerable space paired with layered production and delicately balanced arrangements.

“Hold It Down” blends different genres to create a journey of a man convincing himself that he can handle the tumultuous events that life and love throw at him, that he is strong enough to survive but hiding that he needs help to live. Through the hook “Please don’t worry about me now, I’m holding it down. And all over town, I’m making my rounds, to hold up the house.”, Granite Chief deals with a serious reflection inward and a plea for change in an uncertain future.

Granite Chief came to life in Redondo Beach, California, in 2017 as a creative outlet where Grant Benziger teamed up with producer, Athrill. He explored the intersection of his passions for folk, rock n roll, and electronica. Despite the initial sessions producing a cache of promising material, the project found itself placed on hold for two years. Meanwhile, Grant toured internationally as the guitarist/banjo player for Interscope/Shady Records artist Yelawolf.

2019 became the year when Benziger refocused, refined and reapproached Granite Chief. New sessions were booked, and new songs carved from a songbook. They documented the turbulent years since the inception of Granite Chief. This period was not only one of musical discovery, but also a personal journey of realization. Grant came to confront his harmful relationship with drugs and alcohol. He stated, “upon stepping down it was time for a big life change and this record came to fruition as I dealt with the darker side of life and crawled out slowly toward the light.”

Welcome Back is a brutally honest and self-aware collection. The songs through the trial of addiction, healing, tough relationships, lovesickness, and beyond.

Granite Chief – Welcome Back
Produced by Athrill
Out Summer 2019