Gracie Laboy drops debut EP, “Valencia”

Gracie Laboy, an up and coming songstress, has released her debut EP, Valencia. Living in the decade of your 20’s can easily be the most vulnerable and confusing years of your life. It is a time to explore new places, as well as new people. There is no guarantee for the future and no promise that can’t be broken. Gracie explores these emotional feelings in her EP, which includes four self-written songs that are not only extremely honest, but empowering anthems as well. 

Valencia starts with “Alright”, a song about life not going so well but knowing it will eventually get better in the end. Gracie then divulges into her past relationships with her songs, “Take It Slow” and “Good Devil.” She ends Valencia with “That’s How You Know”, a sweet yet sassy ballad-esque track exploring the happiness that can come along with being vulnerable and real with a significant other.

Each song on the EP comes with a resonating sound of vocals that bring life to the many stories of Gracie’s music. Inspired by R&B and rock, Valencia encapsulates the variety of sounds that can be heard throughout the EP, as well as Gracie’s Latina influenced background. With songs like “Good Devil” and “Take It Slow”, the listener will be entranced in the sexy remembrance of a new relationship and feeling uplifted with the fast-paced instrumentals that go along with the vulnerable lyrics. 

Gracie began pursuing music from a young age by singing in choirs and musicals, studying classical and musical theatre, and performing in venues around the world, including Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, the Vatican, and St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice. Now located in Los Angeles, CA, Gracie holds two bachelor’s degrees from Stanford University and a master’s degree in Music from Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus. She continues to write, record, and perform music.

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