Gold Light + Snakemusk Sharing “One Thing After Another”

Gold Light + Snakemusk sound like the kind of duo that ought to be playing on the front porch and crickets chirp and mosquitos get zapped. Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, this is what I want all southern US bands to sound like. There’s a timelessness to their music. Their latest single is “One Thing After Another”, sung by Gold Light (Joe Chang). But there are plenty of winners on this LP, releasing next week. After you check out this newest, dig deeper and give “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” a spin, to hear Snakemusk’s (Beau Campolong) alluring voice.

With their forthcoming ‘debut’ team-up album, Shadows In The Shallows, Joe and Beau have created a classic album of 9 songs that shoot daggers into the heart of what American music is. Carrying the torch in the tradition of such musical duos as The Everly Brothers, Johnny & June, or Gram & Emmylou, Gold Light + Snakemusk adhere to the tried and true formula of some pretty vocals, a little love story, and a catchy song.

But what really sets the songs apart, above all, are the lyrics. Like short narrative stories, they are simple, straightforward, and universal, cut from the cloth that makes a Hank Williams, Buddy Holly, or Bruce Springsteen song stand the test of time, and still sound relevant and relatable, regardless of what genre they are categorized into, or what year the calendar says.