We’re living in a partisan world. Blame it on politicians. Blame it on social media platforms. Blame it on the rain, if you like. But it’s out there, like an invasive plant that we can’t get rid of. Seattle’s Glorybots can see it and they’ve written a song about it. “Wrong” is the first single from the band’s  just announced new long player, Invisible (due the 31st of July).

“Wrong” calls to mind the glory days of anthemic indie rock. Glorybots frontman Jalal Andre sings “Everything you think about it, You got me, you got me wrong, you got me wrong”, while the rhythm section pushes the song along at such a frenetic pace that you might have trouble catching your breath. About the song, Andre says “Regardless of political affiliation, personal beliefs, religion, or ideology, we’re so sure of ourselves and our microcosm of reality that we’ve lost the ability to listen to each other and remain open to new ideas… but what if we got it all “Wrong”?  And the lack of true happiness is a testament to that.”

The byzantine works of Glorybots are strewn with walloping guitar riffs, extraordinary melodies and a heart-on-sleeve lyricism that burn through the grit and industry of Andre’s extensive creativities. Effortlessly delving into the darkness of post-punk’s angularity and the rhythmic thump of modern rock’s muscular swagger, he corrals all these sounds and filters them through a sieve of murky pop compulsions. The resulting infusion of aesthetics assists in building a whirling morass of spiked musical infrastructure, generating an undeniable alien electricity that sparks and blows out the sensory receptors throughout your body. The music raggedly radiates and casts an otherworldly rock haze over the surrounding areas and then beckons for our full attention and participation. Where else are you going to have the opportunity to rock out on some distant planetary body?

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