Gilly Boy’s Debut Track “Blue for You”

Gilly Boy’s debut track “Blue for You” will hit you hard in your feelings. We have all experienced heartache, and the feelings of self-doubt that come along with that. These themes are strongly highlighted in this single.

The music is both whimsical and melancholy, while Gilly Boy vocals really execute the pain of losing someone important to your life. The back-and-forth of needing to move on but not being able to. It’s a hard-hitting single to say the least.

Gillian Fung Tsz Yan began her singing career a few years back when she became inspired by the pop sensation, Billie Eilish. After feeling lost in the journey of life, Gillian felt the need to create music in order to have a safe space to share those emotions for herself and others who feel the same. Outside of music, Gillian enjoys modeling for FR2, a global trending Japanese clothing brand, and will soon be on the cover of the Vanity Teen SS 2020 issue. Now under the performing name Gilly Boy, she is continually creating unique content that focuses on staying connected to what’s most important to her, her values, and compassion for people everywhere.

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