Getting In-Tune with Wayley

‘Wayley’, The Folk/Pop alter-ego of Americana artist, ‘Andrew Sherriff’, was brought to life in 2018 through a quest for creative freedom. Most well known for his work and worldwide success in the Indie/Folk Duo, ‘Andrew & Veda’, Sherriff has always had a passion for staying true to a genre while pushing musical boundaries in both a creative and commercial standpoint.

With a firm belief that you should listen to all of your creative voices, Sherriff felt the need to begin exploring the catchy lyrics and unforgettable melodic hooks of the Folk/Pop realm, in which he had always admired. “You carry a certain amount of integrity when you stay true to your genre, which I take seriously, but you also tend to push away a lot of amazing ideas that way,” said Andrew.

Wayley combines anthem-style lyrics and capturing large band sounds, similar to the likes of, The Lumineers, and Of Monsters and Men. Wayley is also heavily influenced by the surf, snow, and outdoors culture that Sherriff had grown up with. “I wanted to incorporate those important aspects of my life into Wayley and make them something that my music is associated with,” said Andrew. After taking a short hiatus from Wayley in 2019 to release his Americana single, “It’s Gonna Take a While”, followed by a tour, Sherriff came back to Wayley, and completed the work on his debut extended play. The first single off the EP called, “What’s It Gonna Take”, is set to release on May 20th, 2020.