DJ, producer and vocalist Neveready (Petteri Arpiainen) releases the first track from his debut EP ‘The Forest’ via NexGen Music.

Release Me’ is a calm and soothing track, the layered production creating a sense of atmospheric charm. Featuring angelic vocal work from Astrid Stenberg, each element culminates in a richly textured soundscape, conjuring images of a smoky bar in the corner of a classy lounge – you can’t help but sway along to the down-tempo beat.

Speaking of the upcoming EP, Neveready explains, “I wanted to create a soundtrack for ‘getting lost in the forest’, for people to unwind from their busy realities. The songs are constructed and composed to sound like they are played by a band, even though most of the people involved have never met each other in the flesh. It is essentially my ‘imaginary’ band playing what I would like it to play.”

Petteri grew up in Vaasa, a small city in the west coast of Finland. An avid vinyl collector, his early years were built upon a childhood of an excessive love for music. Producing music since 1992, Arpiainen has shaken up the underground scene for decades with his innovative and influential genre-crossing antics.

Neveready is carving out a place for himself in the industry with his innovative, signature sound.  Tune in below.