Credit: Guido Werener

Germany’s PHOSPHENES Releases ‘Find Us Where We’re Hiding’

Hailing from Weimar, Germany, PHOSPHENES is a visual arts collective and band, founded by composer and producer, Harry Starbuck, and vocalist/lyricist, Julee Bee. PHOSPHENES sound is a collection of the choicest fruits from Electro, Rock, Pop, and Wave influences. 

To date, they’ve shared three singles and they’re all very different from each other. Lead track, “Boy In The Hood” is a mellow, moody number with a lovely synth groove that serves as your tour guide. The flower, “Girls Trip”  is a pop gem, bursting with an energy. Those tracks serve as the yin and the yang of what you might find as you dive deeper into this release.

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The star of the show here, though, might be the accompanying short-film, ‘Where Forever Is.’ The music for this film is two of the stronger cuts from Find Us Where We’re Hiding, (“People You Love Become Ghosts” & “Heaven Looks Alright.” If Explosions in the Sky ever got up on stage with the Cocteau Twins, it might come off sounding like ‘Where Forever Is.’

Find Us Where We’re Hiding features an array of musical landscapes with sensational texture. Hearken as uplifting dream-pop pastures cascade from melancholic to mesmerizing. PHOSPHENES depicts unfathomably deep and lush textures of synth goodness and elevating guitar chords. Omnipresent ambient noises are suppressed by the percussion as whispering sound waves transport the listener to fleeting moments of yesteryear. An energizing, driving beat evokes memories of teenage days gone by, lived effortlessly, unrestrained and without fear or remorse.