Georgia VanNewkirk Releases her Second Single, “Blue Velvet”

Allowing yourself to open up enough to fall in love can be one of the best feelings ever or the scariest. It’s difficult to gauge how someone will react to all of your real feelings as well as everything that makes you, you. Georgia VanNewKirk perfectly captures the enchanting passion that comes with going all-in with a significant other in her new single, “Blue Velvet.”

Released on November 8th, “Blue Velvet,” is a love song filled with colorful hues and alluring beats. Georgia’s voice sounds angelic as she sings her vulnerable lyrics about a new relationship. This track will have listeners captivated by a sense of wanderlust and overall happiness that Georgia’s elevated vocals mixed with the gentle melody evoke.  

Above all, Georgia values the power that music has to help process her emotions and empathetic worldview. Released in early 2019, her debut single “Wish You Well,” garnered immediate attention on Spotify with over 100k streams, which resulted in a contract from the bicoastal production company Morning Moon Productions. Georgia is currently at work recording new material with award-winning production team The Moon Brothers.

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