George Gaudy releases Bitter Princess Isabella

On Valentines day 2020, George Gaudy will release his latest single ‘Bitter Princess Isabella’. This will be part of the second ever recorded long play release by the Greek born singer-songwriter and aims to support and be cohesive with his eclectic preceding works.

2017 was the year George decided to up sticks and move to London from Greece, where he had already built a significant fanbase and achieved accolades such as performing various successful supporting shows of major artists, national television sync and awards for his work. London is where George currently composes and records his music.

The track has a defining country folk/pop sound and remains mellow and pleasant listening experience throughout its entirety. The female backing vocals  are in full support of George’s simple and effective top line. The sound achieved during the recording process gives the final hue a vintage one.

The aims for this record was to remain as authentic and true to the particular era of sound that George envisaged, by recording all elements using original and top range analogue equipment:

“Great care was taken so that everything was era appropriate- the drum kit is a vintage Ludwig, and the guitar an original Danelectro, classic LDC and ribbon mics, Neve preamps, the lot.”.

Having previously had the backing of major label Universal in its Greek faction, the record has been completely self funded and was recorded in Famous Times Studios in Hackney along with the help of engineer Sean Read. All the elements are produced by George and the record was mixed by Panos Tsekouras and the project was supervised by Peter Astor.