Geniuser New Album I Am

While rap and pop artists are currently ruling the musical scene, the industry hides unexpected talents in its yet undiscovered realms, including the experimental branch. Michael Allen and Giuseppe De Bellis, also known under the band Geniuser, are great examples of that category. With powerful descriptive music, the duo manages to do more than simple songwriting: paint actual sonorous images. And after nine years of absence, be ready for a persuasive comeback.

As a matter of fact, the leader of Wolfgang Press (M.Allen) and the Italian painter-producer released their new single Epiphany, introducing their upcoming album I Am to be out on June 22nd. With a perfectly chosen title, Epiphany introduces us to the duo’s artistic direction for their new record. With a dark and echoing sound, a feeling of fear and doubt is installed. A hair-raising voice then comes in, reminding of famous actor’s Vincent Price narrating section in Michael Jackson’s renowned Thriller song.

To tease us further, the single release was shortly followed by a music video perfectly enforcing physical discomfort. With obscure and unstable blurry images, the artists excellently succeed to disturb the audience and touch their souls.

And while Allen keeps singing “No Epiphany”, the song appears as an actual revelation: with a stainless Supermassive Black Hole-esque musical accompaniment, Epiphany reveals the singer’s darkest times, attacking all of our senses while preparing us for the 4D masterpiece that is ‘I Am’.

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