Generation Dude get refreshingly nostalgic on new single ‘Radio Pills’!

Irreverent rock duo Generation Dude have now shared their refreshingly nostalgic new single Radio Pills, out now.

Radio Pills is undeniably infectious from the offset, as uplifting horns soar over vibrant key chords and effortless harmonies to create a sound akin to the likes of The Who and Tom Petty. Of the single, Terence Schoshinski (lead vocals and guitars) explains, “Radio Pills is a song about reaching a turning point in life where a bonifide personal declaration of independence is made. In the tune, the hero wakes up and begins breaking free from the spiderweb of cookie-cutter corporate jive which, up to that point, he’s been participating in and profiting from. Graced with enough clarity and humility to be able to get honest, he is then empowered with the real business of identifying and stomping out the evasive wizard arachnids.”

Radio Pills is taken from Generation Dude’s upcoming EP Crimes Against Yourself, due for release on 21st February 2019.