Freja Frances releases impassioned new single ‘The Wolf’

Singer-songwriter Freja Frances prepares to pull at the heartstrings with her most poignant release to date. Her debut album The Funeral is out on 13th September 2019 via ShimmerSun Music.

Ahead of the release, Freja has now shared her impassioned new single The Wolf, which is out now. Talking about the single, Freja explains, “the song tells a story through fairytale inspired lyrics about two people who are struggling with mental illness and the social stigma that comes with it, they’re trying to support each other but still always feel as though the wolf is close behind.”

The album is an emotive collection of ethereal vignettes, showcasing Freja’s trademark ability to write beautifully melancholic soundscapes with an intricate storytelling charm. Each track as bewitching as the next, Freja’s authentic, haunting vocals are able to soar over the stunning musicality effortlessly. Fans of the likes of Billie Marten and Lorde will feel at home here. Talking about the album, Freja elaborates “it’s definitely my darkest collection of songs – they were written a few years back at a time when I was struggling with depression and an unhealthy relationship. Lyrically the songs are very inspired by the indie and emo bands I was listening to at the time.”

Catch Freja live on Saturday, 14th September at The Marlborough, Brighton for her album launch.

The Funeral is out on 13th September 2019 via ShimmerSun Music.