FOTC Announce Album with Nostalgic Video

Manchester Rockers team up with Bruce Springsteen’s Producer on Album.

If you’ve ever lived in the Rainy city you’ll know just how seriously they take their music; if there’s something most City and a United fan can agree on it’s the brilliance of Manchesters musical heritage. Wether it’s The Smiths, Oasis or The Stone Roses there will be a song you can’t help but belt out on listening, should the mood take you. Now I don’t know wether it’s the football or the rain, or perhaps a mixture of the two there’s certainly something about this city that breeds anthems with capability to unite a room.

Freedom Of The City are the latest band to bubble out of this musical Mecca, and keep to the same musical signature they’re determined to write songs with a similar uniting factor. Having found their feet on Kerrang radio a few years ago the boys soon gained the attention of Legendary producer Bob Clearmountain (Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones). With Bob’s backing, the boy’s have been in the studio busy recording and recently released ‘When we Were Boys’. The track embraces both Manchesters football and musical heritage, and features lyrics laced with the same bitter sweet feelings Manchesters music is famous for. Could these guys be the next Manchester sensation? keep an ear out for their album to find out…