Forest Gumption’s “Exhibit A”

Forest Gumption Drops Laid-Back New Single “Exhibit A”

Canadian rapper Forest Gumption released new track “Exhibit A” that blends the artists’ cleverly crafted lyrics and catchy lofi beats together seamlessly. His new single teased his latest album Lofi Till I Die which came out earlier this month.

“Exhibit A” is a prime example of why Forest is a key player in the modern-day rap game. The lyrics take a look at his journey through the music industry so far, where he comes from, and his future. Forest continues to amaze his fans which is rap abilities and flawless punch line deliveries. The track’s fresh sound coupled with the lofi beats perfectly encapsulates what Forest Gumption’s vibe is all about.

Forest Gumption hails from Ennismore, Ontario. Although Forest’s debut mixtape came out in 2018, he is far from a novice. He’s performed with hip hop vets Wu Tang Clan, Maestro Fresh Wes, Choclair, Classified, Grand Analog, and Palmer Squares.

“Exhibit A” follows the release of “Cool Like That” earlier this month, and single “Nightmares” earlier this year. These tracks will be featured on Forest’s upcoming album, lofi till i die (a collaboration with producer Beasty P), set to be released later this month. In the meantime, fans can stream these two singles, as well as Forest’s debut album Forest Fires (2018), on all digital platforms.