FOLLOWER release third track ‘Fallen Down’ from their upcoming debut EP ‘Against The Ropes’

Guildford’s FOLLOWER have released the third track from their upcoming debut EP ‘Against The Ropes’ (out 22nd March), following the release of the tracks ‘Voices’ and ‘Faded‘. 

‘Fallen Down’ can be listened to above and it sums up how Ollie (lead guitar) felt at the time he found out he had a hearing condition and thought that he would have to give up music.

‘Against The Ropes’ is the band’s debut EP, out on Friday. It refers to how life can sometimes get on top you and you can feel like there is nowhere to turn.

31st March – Rock Avenue, Gillingham
12th April – The Fighting Cocks, Kingston
28th April – Fiddlers Elbow, Camden
29th June – Roadtrip & Workshop, London