Follies & Vices have been busy in recent months not only taking advantage of their new scene in Los Angeles playing shows regularly but churning out singles like their latest, “Red Wine.”

With their latest single Follies & Vices capture the energy of a typical 20-something in the City of Angels with its quick tongue and fashionable beat. “The whole production has a feel-good atmosphere with its infectious melodies packed with groovy bass & synth lines, smooth percussion and soaring guitar riffs. Red Wine is a perfect song to brighten one’s day.”

Before moving to Los Angeles Tanner Houghton and Rob Auerbach were each doing their own thing in Seattle, but when those projects each headed south – they found solace and a new sound in one another. Tanner brought his hip-hop and emo influences to the table while Rob served up indie and electronic dishes. Together they’ve crafted Follies & Vices into a cornucopia of sound that fans of Twenty One Pilots and MGMT would appreciate in their collection.

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