Flèche unveil some parts of their second album “Do Not Return Fire”

This is Flèche (Paris, FR), four fans of The Get Up Kids having each previously played in a bunch of bands and now trying to mix the thick rock and harmonies of Alice in Chains with the technical pop of Minus the Bear.

After a very pop first LP with a lot of effects and atmosphere we wanted to go back to something rougher that makes us having fun on stage. We therefore purify the base of the pieces as much as possible.

The LP was done in two sessions. The first one was supposed to be a demo to work with, the 6 songs were recorded live (all 4 of us in the same room) in one day. Half a day of dubbing left and 2 days of singing. The result convinced us to keep it as the basis of the album. We did the second session 6 months later under the same conditions. We wanted melodic and clear verses and ultra dynamic and saturated choruses. Big, drooling fuzz!

But as we’re emokids, we’re still pretty sad melody on these borderline grunge passages. We talk about things in our lives, usually the negative ones. So instead of talking about it, we make it into songs.

The album “Do Not Return Fire” is set to be released on 3rd May, 2019 on sea blue transparent vinyl, cd and digital on Krod Records.