Fashion influencer Kristina Bazan releases sublime video for ‘VR’

After the hypnotic and cinematographic single “Clockwork” which came out in May, fashion blogger icon Kristina Bazan has lifted the veil on her very first EP “EPVH1”.

New single offering “VR” from the EP explores modern relationships, virtual feelings, these ensorcelling “digital fragments of love” keeping us away from a violently normal reality.

“VR” or Virtual Reality is a song treating of the ephemeral nature of love in our digitally predominated new world. It asks where the limit is between reality and virtuality, feelings and illusions.

The song was written and composed by Kristina Bazan and was produced with Louis Côté, the executive producer of Kristina’s upcoming album. The influences: disco & glam rock… bands like Goldfrapp with their “Strict Machine”, Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” or even the melancholic yet sweet first few notes of Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Games”.

‘VR’ comes with a SF music video and it has an unmistakably 80’s touch, directed by Giovanna Gorassini. The video makes us travel into a parallel world where a strange Fish-boy (played by Christopher Michaut) enters a futuristic nightclub. He puts a VR mask on and meets a surreal virtual apparition: a woman who seduces him in a technicolor world. The aesthetic of the video is reminiscent of Blade Runner, Shape of Water or even some of David Lynch’s work, meaning to unveil a psychedelic world full of magic and sensuality where seduction and illusion meets.

As the new YSL beauty “music talent”, Kristina is dedicating herself entirely to her music now following previous releases as an author and major work as a model. This year Kristina has already performed in Paris and at Cannes Film Festival for the private event of her tour producer, Live Nation.

Wrapped in this mysterious electronic melody, sparkling and fascinating, taking us from Kate Bush to Daft Punk, Kristina Bazan plays with lights and shadows, drawing pieces after pieces for the shape of a promising music career.