Far Places come together in latest single ‘Homecoming’

Songwriting duo Far places spent years penning records from opposite sides of the US. Their latest track Homecoming has a unity that’s clear to see in their newest EP Memorabilia. This record was the first record in which their music was written and record in the same place, with vocalist Fallon and producer Evan in Los Angeles.

Discussing the release, Far Places said:

“Homecoming is about the past and present colliding. It’s about going back to that town and seeing that person again. You become who you used to be for a while, taking refuge from current life with someone from the past. This record is about collecting the moments and relationships we carry around with us, our memorabilia. Each track has pieces of people and places we can’t forget. These impressionistic songs latch on to glimpses and instants, but the feelings of each moment come through powerfully. The familiarity of old love is intoxicating and comfortable, but there is a melancholy to this song. Despite that pull, we know that certain people are best left in the past. Nonetheless, we find ourselves lost in the feeling, feelings we should have left back with 22.’”

Having previously collaborated between Washington DC and Los Angeles, the band gained millions of streams and hit the Spotify viral charts with In My Head. With Fallon’s distinct vocal melodies and Fallon’s ear for pop production, it’s clear why the bands catalog is so compelling, whilst their new material continuously betters the last.

Now the band are not working from such Far Places, we cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for the pop-pairing.

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