Everything Everything drop surprise EP ‘A Deeper Sea’ to mark biggest ever UK tour

As the country is battered by arctic winds, Manchester indie-rock four-piece Everything Everything set sail for their biggest ever UK tour, and to celebrate this voyage they have dropped a surprise EP – ‘A Deeper Sea’.  This follows some cryptic teasing from the band over the past week, culminating in a dramatic ocean scene shared on the band’s instagram page on Sunday and a first airing of one of the new tracks, ‘Breadwinner’ on Dutch radio station 3voor12.

The EP comes just 6 months after the band’s last full record, ‘A Fever Dream’ and there is a clear symmetry between this album and the new offering.  Comprising of 4 tracks, the EP contains 2 brand new songs, a remix of ‘Ivory Tower’ from their previous album, and a Neil Young cover recorded at the famous Maida Vale Studios.

Talking to NME about the first track on the new EP, ‘Mariana’, singer Jonathan Higgs said It’s about male identity and suicide and the current crisis there is, whether you believe it or not, with being male.”  The dark atmosphere and powerful lyrics to this song give it a gravity that was a central tenet to 2017’s ‘A Fever Dream’.  This atmosphere is maintained with the frantically dark ‘Breadwinner’, a song which loudly challenges the pressures placed on men by society.

Following this is Tom Vek’s delightfully crunchy and ominous remix of ‘Ivory Tower’, one of the stand-out tracks from ‘A Fever Dream’.  A driving beat and gravelly bass-lines give the track a faster pace and intensify the anger behind the song’s message.

The band begin their biggest ever UK tour tonight in Dublin, and fans can expect a spectacle to match the dramatic and dreamlike tone of both ‘A Fever Dream’ and ‘A Deeper Sea’; In keeping with this dream theme, there’s gonna be some sort of dreamy stage production. I can’t reveal what it’s gonna be. It’s quite cool but we are not going totally over the top.”

‘A Deeper Sea’ is out now, streaming from all the usual places.  As for the live tour, there are still tickets available at some locations, so make sure to grab yours before they’re gone.