In the throes of the Nashville music scene, Evan Castle and his band The Southern Tier released their fourth single, River. This single, along with the others released previously, are being pulled from a body of work that he and guitarist Tim Kelly, and producer and engineer Jordan Sloat created in summer 2018. Following the success of Evan’s previous offering, Drunk As Hell, River sets a grittier tone.

River is being released as a means to explore more of the sound the group has developed. River flows with gushing guitar and cruising drum work, reminiscent of an early Killers record. The track is sat between traditional indie-rock and the roots of Evan’s Nashvillian surroundings, embracing Country elements whilst retaining a broader appeal. 

“I wrote ‘River’ about people I know, and even thoughts that crossed my mind when I was making decisions about my life and the trajectory I would take. It deals a lot in the question of ‘What does it mean to leave home?’ It questions some of the reasons people are uncomfortable with leaving all they have known to seek an opportunity. The song brings up issues with identity through religion and community and how those parts of people can negatively or positively impact a person’s ability to make important decisions.”

Evan Castle
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