Emily Laing releases her debut single “Hey It’s You”

Writing with her heart on her sleeve, London’s Emily Laing draws inspiration from her own experiences to create music which is intrinsically human at its core. 

Inspired by traditional folk songs, Emily has always had a passion for storytelling. “Hey It’s You” is an intimate narrative from the young songwriter, filled with rolling drum patterns and languid guitar melodies. Sprinkled with a light patter of percussion, her delicate vocals float effortlessly over the soothing soundscape – creating a soft haven for her listener to reside in. 

“It’s about meeting someone for the first time and that connection you have with them almost instantly” Emily explains. “How a moment can exist between two people and no one else knows about it”. 

Finding fame with a song she wrote about Christopher Chope’s controversial vote in parliament regarding upskirting, the viral video went on to achieve almost 140,000 views on Twitter alone. The sharp increase of fans inspired Emily to write short songs and upload them to her social channels, connecting with fans across her musical platform.

Finding a kinship with Scottish folklore, the young artist imbues her creations with a refreshing degree of sincerity and candour, embracing life’s imperfections.

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