Emile Captures Lockdown Anxiety In ‘Pale Imitation’

When Emile was arranging a video back in January he had no idea what was yet to happen that year. Reports of a mysterious illness in China seemed distant and faraway to everyone at the time.

The dancers were set, camera crew booked and his video producer was getting busy mapping out ideas and locations for the shoot. His label ‘Unfug recordings’ had a string of shows booked across The UK, Germany and Denmark and things seemed to be looking positive for the fledgling label and their first signing.

Two months later and the whole world was turned upside down. The COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing around the Globe and 2020 was looking set to be a rather bleak year for everyone. With lockdown restrictions looming large the idea of shooting a music video seemed near impossible and down right irresponsible.

“We had planned to compile iPhone footage of my nights out with friends, which of course became an impossibility”

Almost all the creative arts had ground to a halt and everyone involved in the plans were feeling more and more demotivated. Emile and his producer saw that in creating the video remotely it could perhaps become a necessity in keeping some structure for these young and creative minds

A video that was born from isolation and loneliness soon became a vehicle for unity, exploring the perspective of an active and constantly connected generation.

“A lot of us, myself included were struggling with feelings of loneliness and isolation, and in creating the video I was (perhaps unwittingly) trying to come to terms with my own mental state, which was fragile at the time. Even though the song is about feeling aimless and lost in oneself, I’m so proud of the overwhelming and unforeseen positivity that that shines through in this video.

It feels like I’m really sad right now, but everyone’s really sad right now, so let’s at least be sad together and have a little dance.”

Filmed entirely from the safety of the producers bedroom the video unwittingly became a snapshot into social isolation and became an expression of mixed emotion and freedom for a lonely  yet well connected generation.

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