Elodie Rêverie is Wild and Free in Her Latest Single “Fire In The Desert”

Elodie Rêverie is continuing to establish herself as a must-hear artist. After the success of her singles “Gold Rush” and “Skeleton Castle”, with a collective of over 50,000 streams, she has taken her steps to become a well-rounded musician. Elodie Rêverie has released her latest self-produced single “Fire in the Desert” and creates a mythical escape into the wide-open range of the desert.

Elodie’s signature has become her soothing vocals that are both sweet and distinctive. With “Fire in the Desert”, they blend well with the guitar riff that carries into the mellow electronic notes. The single is the perfect track to drive to, with the windows down, and a long way to go. For her first time producing, Elodie shows that she has a lot to offer as an artist.

The inspiration behind the single comes from her time living in the desert at the age of 18. For 6 months, Elodie immersed herself in the nomadic self-sufficiency of the desert and learned to make fire with natural materials through the process called “bow-drilling.” 

Looking back at this experience, Elodie says, “I see a parallel between the process of producing music and making fire. They are both detail-oriented but require strength and perseverance and a catalyst to convert internal energy into something tangible and energetic.”

“Fire in the Desert” is the latest from Elodie Rêverie but isn’t the last. Be sure to follow her on social media because there is much more music to come!