Electronic artist J.Juva releases new single ‘Miasma’

Ahead of the release of his innovative debut EP, ‘Protozoa’, out 24th July 2020, ambient electronic artist J. Juva – aka Joel Neale – has shared his latest single ‘Miasma’, out now.

Combining off-kilter drums with woozy synths and radiant melodies, Joel creates a sound that feels both eclectic and enigmatic. Reminiscent of the likes of Four Tet and Flying Lotus, Joel interweaves analogue instruments with dreamy electronics, producing something undeniably transcendent in the process. Talking about Miasma, Joel explains, “this track all started with the guitar arpeggios that I played in and layered up. There was originally more guitar on this track but I re-orchestrated some of the parts onto harp for a better contrast in the melodies. I then added the broken beat feel and percussive elements to get it moving. The music was inspired by the rise and fall of bacterial colonies that inhabit our bodies daily, changing and evolving without us even realising. The two sections overlap but never fully integrate.”