Gone are the days of the folk Renaissance. Despite the greats, one being Mr McMorrow himself, guiding the neo-genre into its place of musical stardom, it is clear that those originating from folk traditions are having their sounds develop as creativity soars. But one thing is certain, despite swinging into other genres by redefining the base sound, arguably the soul remains the same throughout. And for James Vincent McMorrow, he implies he couldn’t be more of himself in this latest track “Get Low”. Writing in a sentimental manner he states on his facebook page:

“This song in particular reflects something I’ve been trying to achieve my entire career, how to fit the plain spoken and direct songwriting that I love with the production that I also love. I wrote it when I was living in LA last year, it’s a tough place for someone like me who isn’t the most outward or extrovert, but was a beautiful experience being there, definitely pushed me to dig a lot deeper.”

In this track, the talented Irish musician uses his most powerful weapon, his awe-inspiring falsetto voice and collaborates with Nineteen85 to produce a sexy, soulful R&B number. It will be considered to be unfamiliar territory to those clinging on to his folk roots, but alongside the release of “Rising Water” it is clear that the direction he is venturing in will bring hip-hop infused wonders a’plenty, so you better get used to, sit back and enjoy the ride while he masters his sound.

His upcoming album We Move will be released on September 2nd.

This James Vincent McMorrow article was written by Finn Brownbill, a GIGsoup contributor

James Vincent McMorrow releases single 'Get Low' - new LP out on 2nd Sept

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