DYVR writes ode to queer community with new single ‘Rising’

Indie-electro artist DYVR soars into 2019 with his ambient new single Rising, out now via Veta Records. DYVR’s signature falsetto is at the forefront, gliding through the pulsing synths, creating a truly ethereal experience.

The hypnotic blend of dark electronics is reminiscent of the likes of James Blake and SOHN, but with DYVR’s own poignant lyricism and haunting vocal style making it his own. Rising is DYVR’s tribute to the queer party scene in London. Talking about the track, DYVR elaborates, “these nights have been some of the most memorable and important in my life. There are times when you just need to burn as brightly as possible and never stop. Connections are intense, brief, frequent and life affirming”.