Dynamic Duo Southerland Ayers Release Fun, Quirky Video “Great Flight Home”

Eclectic folk duo Southerland Ayers released a playful and fun-loving video for their song “Great Flight Home,” the lead single off their debut album Ghost in This House. The quirky, mash-up style video features band members Mick Southerland and Kaylee Ayers performing, laughing, and having a great time. The duo is dressed in kooky outfits, including a fluffy fur hat. The track “Great Flight Home” has gone viral on Facebook, supported with a 70’s dance video, garnering nearly 150k views up to this point.Mick Southerland, a talented multi-instrumentalist and the band’s primary songwriter, has developed his craft over more than 20 years in the Austin music scene. He has mastered re-creating an old-school pop vibe with melancholic lyrics, while still keeping it fresh. Their unique sound blends folk, rock, and pop with inspiration from legends such as Karen Carpenter, David Bowie, Alanis Morissette, and Jellyfish. Their carefully crafted sound manages to be reminiscent of Tom Jones and Tom Waits at the same time.

In Mick’s early career, he shared stages with beloved local indie acts like Spoon and Ghostland Observatory. He has also opened for a range of bands from No Doubt to Fishbone. Through his performance career, he picked up some rough habits that lead him to rehab in Arizona multiple times. By the seventh trip, he decided to make a change and tell his own musical story instead of supporting others. His past struggles became creative fodder for his future songwriting.

Mick knew he couldn’t do it alone. “After six months into recording, I realized that in order to touch people like Gram Parsons did, I needed my Emmylou Harris,” said Mick. Then, Mick met Kaylee Ayers at a show at the Bucksnort Saloon in the small town of Marlin, Texas. “She asked if I could play a Sublime song, so she could sing it. And I did,” Mick recalls. “We had an instant connection.”

Southerland Ayers have been writing and recording together for nearly a year. Their natural chemistry and musical compatibility have created a lot of beautiful music in very little time. Their debut release, Ghost in this House, was recorded in only a few months and can be listened too here!