Atop the recent release of their EP Alpha // Survivor,  Drown This City are appeasing the masses with the announce of another east coast lap. Co-headlined by Brisbane alt-rock outfit The Comfort, the tour will hit rooms in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane in November.

The news comes alongside the reveal of new visuals from the Melbourne post-hardcore act, in the form of a music video for Alpha // Survivor’sStay Broken.

Much like Alpha // Survivor as a whole, “Stay Broken” harnesses the concept of duality. It is a personal favourite on the EP for vocalist Alex Reade. There’s a sense of wrestling between falling in weakness and rising in power: “Go, play dead, They like it better when you’re in your head, Don’t forget to stay broken // Quick, survive You’ll never make it out alive... Yet somehow I survived.”

Basically I’m speaking to myself,” Reade explains. “I’m saying, ‘I can bury this pain for you inside, and you’ll fall, and you’ll stay broken, or I can carry this pain and help you heal and you can soar and rise and embrace your strength as an alpha.‘”

“The main hook in the lyrics – ‘Alpha, realise your power’ – I think really encapsulates the whole message of the EP and what we believe in. Turn your fight on, don’t be afraid of your own power, your own ability to heal and be strong and be above everyone else, even if it’s lonely up there – it’s where you belong.”

On the video concept, Reade explains the band wanted to continue down the path of the dark and disturbing themes.

It allows us to further explore our own inner darkness physically and theatrically through what we wear, how we move, in a way we don’t normally in real life,” she adds.We’ve almost got a post-apocalyptic vibe with a touch of steam punk, bondage to represent dominance and submission, power and struggle. In reality we’re light-hearted and easy going. So the film clip allows us to show the turbulence and destruction deep within us also.

Drown This City will co-headline the east coast in November alongside The Comfort. Full dates and tickets below. Alpha // Survivor is out now via UNFD

Upcoming Tour Dates with The Comfort:

Friday November 1 – Stay Gold, Melbourne

Saturday November 16 – Crowbar Black, Brisbane

Saturday November 23 – Factory Floor, Sydney