Dreamy Lilac Melt

Ambience is in the air with Lilac Melt self-titled debut release. The band who formed in Edinburgh in early 2018 have delivered admirably. Tracks which can only be described as atmospheric anthems.  

Firstly, ‘Hey Stranger’ kicks things off creating flashbacks of early Cranberries mixed with Alanis Morrisette. Quite a blend of influences heard on this track but yet it still remains unique in its own right.

Lilac Melt
Lilac Melt

Secondly, ‘Oxidise’ followed and similar to all Lilac Melt’s tracks is soaked with reverb but in a respectable fashion. In addition to this, a memorable guitar riff sits alongside lead singer Katherine Aly’s vocals. Katherine powers through the entire song expressing her emotion in a story like manner. Consequently, becoming the first single release from the band. Overall I enjoyed this track but the stand out was ‘Never Enough’. 

Furthermore, ‘Never Enough’ is a track which takes on a whole new dimension with a guitar introduction creating a sense of tranquility. On ‘Out Loud’ and ‘Surrender’ you can really hear Lilac Melts signature ambient sound thriving and the hard-hitting drumbeats and metallic guitar riffs make this release shine vividly.   

In conclusion, the band galvanised with the direction they decided to take here. Certainly by the use of huge glistening effects. This being said, it is not often you see a band going against the status quo. On the whole, this release protrudes whilst keeping relevance in an ever increasing competitive market. 

Following Lilac Melt

Click here to visit the bands official website. Lilac Melt are currently playing shows across the U.K therefore check their website to find out if they are playing near you. You can find the band on Facebook. Alternatively follow on Instagram or Twitter

Furthermore, The band are currently playing shows across the U.K therefore check the website to find out if they are playing near you. You can also find the band on Facebook by clicking here. Alternatively you can follow on Instagram or Twitter