Dream Pop Visionary PANQUEQUE Breaks The Chain In New Single “ATACAMA”

When we were younger, we had dreams of being astronauts who are doctors on the side. We planned on jet setting where ever we wanted to go when ever we wanted to do it. We were ambitious for days without routine. However, adult life doesn’t work that way unless you break the cycle.

Toronto based dream pop artist, PANQUEQUE, breaks the cycle of a beautifully toxic relationship in her newest single “ATACAMA”.

Her new single, “ATACAMA” is inspired strangely enough, by a desert. The Atacama desert has rare flowers that completely cover the land in pink flowers once every seven years. However, When PANQUEQUE was on vacation at the desert with her rocky boyfriend, the desert bloomed twice. PANQUEQUE saw this as a sign to break her own cycle. She felt destined to rediscover the beauty in herself, trust herself and leave her now toxic relationship.

“ATACAMA” serves as not only a self-empowerment anthem, but also as an escape from the insanity happening around us. Though our world isn’t really doing that great lately, the track helps to remind us that there is still beauty in the dark. Through a hypnotizing melody and dance infused synths, PANQUEQUE’s emotional lyrics dance through the track and create comfort to the listener. PANQEUQUE truly grows with each new release. We are eager to see what she has next.