Dorothy ’28 Days in the Valley’

Like old-time seventies rock?  How about summer feels?  Then, boy, is 28 Days in the Valley for you.

The sophomore album from the California-hailing band, Dorothy, is deep-summer, whiskey-swilling music; the kind of music that makes you want to drive through a sandstorm with the windows down.

Have no idea what that means? Take a listen to We Are STAARS and try to convince yourself you don’t want to hang your head out of a window of a speeding truck. When Dorothy proclaims “We are so much more” you bang your head and scream, Hell YEAH we are, Dorothy!

Listen to White Butterfly and understand why their previous (and recently revamped) tour was deemed The Freedom Tour.  This was the type of pure seventies rock Lynyrd Skynrd was making with those first plucks of Sweet Home Alabama.  The fact that Dorothy Martin’s voice rings out as clear and powerful as before also helps.  Hers is a dead-ringers for Heart’s Ann Wilson; you can almost hear her purr “Oooh barracuda.”  Position it against some strong rhythm guitars and banger chords and, brother, you’ve got nearly an hour of some joyride ahead of you.

But the thing that really ties 28 Days in the Valley together is self-assuredness. Previously the band relied on Martin’s power vocals to carry over repetitive chords and somewhat unoriginal lyrics.  Although that didn’t make their songs any less enjoyable, they concentrated more on style than substance.  28 Days in the Valley has both and Kayne confidence to boot.

There’s also some interesting experimentation this time’round. Sounds flux from the folky Mountain to the title track 28 Days in the Valley, a twangy, tumbleweed-type track worthy of a Tarantino showdown.

What are you waiting for, now? Sun’s out, summer’s here; pop open a cold one and get 28 Days in the Valley on some speakers stat.

’28 Days in the Valley’ out now via ROC Nation LLC.