Dolche ‘Criminal Love’

Christine Herin, previously known as Naif Herin and now known professionally as Dolche, is an Italian-French singer, songwriter, composer and record producer already boasts a 20-year music career, more than 500 concerts in Europe with and key collaborations with Grammy Award winning professionals. Her work is well- known for its distinctive musical style and blending of different genres such as folk, chanson française, world music, classical music, funk, electronic. She now releases the third single of her forthcoming album Exotic Diorama (out Oct 2020) – is the beautiful track Criminal Love – out now.

Criminal Love is a love story between two people over a lifetime. The video beautifully illustrates this by symbolically depicting one love story, beginning when the protagonists were children and ending when they are old, using different dancers to impersonate the same couple in different ages. Essentially a simple story of ‘boy meets girl’ – we keep following them until they age and face a very sad ending. The simplicity of the narrative, shot in black and white, is moving and powerful. The shoot was choreographed between Dolche and Sadeck Berrabah, creator of the famous Geometrie Variable dance show, who devised a specific geometrical choreography for the single. The concept was to narrate love in all its different emotions: passion, hate, fun, attraction, distance, peace, regret etc.