Diana Bidéa releases New Single “Make Me Hate You”

NYC R&B singer Diana Bidéa releases her powerful new single “Make Me Hate You”. Diana’s track explores the complexities of love, hate, and the fine line drawn between the two polar emotions.

Lyrics such as “you’re my fantasies under my covers / even though I know it’s easy to find someone better” highlight the often-toxic tie we feel to someone and yet disregard the toxicity out of lust and longing. Diana’s track is a plea to her lover to do something that will give her a reason to cut them loose. 

The young musician’s music blends her edgy, strong voice with her eccentric, grungy style.

Her breakthrough was her feature on DJ Nati’s “Tied Me Down”. It garnered over 15,000 plays in the first 48 hours following its release.

“Make Me Hate You” is the second single off of her EP Artemis after previously releasing “Phase” early 2019. She plans on releasing Artemis in the summer of 2019.