Leicester born and bred but now calling Manchester home, Jonny Gavin and Adam Rowley combine elements of indie, electro and pop into their debut LP under the name Demons Of Ruby Mae.

It’s a record that packs a punch both musically and lyrically.  From the gentle beginning of opener ‘Intro’ through to the electronically charged previous single Synesthesia, rousing current single ‘Young Blood’, anthemic ‘To Be Adored’ and piano-led closer ‘Someday’, they’ve managed to combine their influences to create an infective fusion of guitar lines, synths, electro beats, pop hooks, and haunting atmospherics.

The pick of the 9 tracks that make up the ‘Demons Of Ruby Mae’ has to be ‘Beneath The Surface’.  A track that seems to have delivered the bands music to a lot of people via appearances on various TV shows and movie soundtracks.  It’s a demonstration of Demons Of Ruby Mae doing what they do best.  And that, in case you were wondering, is delivering exhilarating indie-pop filled with dreamy horizons and huge production.  When reading that the track was written “on a 26 hour stop over to Thailand at Mumbai Airport, after three valium and still not being able to sleep” it makes perfect sense.

Released on October 26th, Demons Of Ruby Mae is a fantastic example of the worlds of indie, pop and electro being combined impeccably.  Filled with a musical flair and creativity you won’t find from many other groups working in this genre, ‘Demons Of Ruby Mae’ see’s the Manchester-via-Leicester duo delivering one of 2018s most impressive debut albums.

Available to stream via Spotify and also to purchase on both CD and Vinyl direct from the band via demonsofrubymae.co.uk

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