Delena Embraces Her Inner Demons in ‘Animal’

Born in Kiev, Delena relocated to Switzerland school at just 12 years old and eventually relocated to London. . It was here that she perfected her craft of captivating song writing. Music was always in her veins, through her relation  to Ukranian screenwriter, film producer and director Alexander Dovzhenko, who shared her immense talent for intricate storytelling.

Counting the likes of Spindle, Clash and Pop Justice as fans for her last single ‘What She’s Like’ back in 2017, the incredibly dynamic artist Delena (Formerly Boba K) is set to return with the release of ‘Animal’ on 28th October. Showcasing further diversity in her musical heritage and song writing style, ‘Animal’ is a powerful anthem of self-confidence, strength and belief, elevated by her flawless vocal delivery.

On the new single, Delena states:

“I wanted to write a song which could mean something more. The moment I walked into the studio I knew exactly what the song would be about.I didn’t want a love song. I wanted a song with strength, power and authenticity! I wanted anybody who heard it, to find themselves in it!”