DELANILA releases single ahead of poignant video for Time Slips Away

New experimental rock group, DELANILA, is spearheaded by internationally celebrated composer, Danielle Schwob. Through the medium of cinematic audio, DELANILA aims to draw attention to controversial topics. The project’s debut, Time Slips Away, demonstrates society’s obsession with screens and constant connection. The release comes ahead of a new video that’s set to reveal and exaggerate a dark side to 2019’s technologically centred culture through haunting symbolism and beautifully modern interpretative dance.

Danielle Schwob has built a successful career from her creation of concert work and score arrangement for an array of films. The mountain of notable works from this sophisticated creative includes features at Lincoln Center, BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!, Philip Glass’ MATA Festival and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She is also recognised for her work on The Pogues musical and How to Follow Strangers. Well established in this competitive industry, Danielle felt a thirst for a new project. A musical space that could gracefully explore a sombre facet, laced with controversial and political messages.

The new single, Time Slips Away, has been described as a sleepy and brooding track that shines a light on our somewhat compulsive social media behaviour. Fronted for the first time by Danielle Schwob, DELANIA hosts her haunting vocals that talk of stranger’s lies and the disintegration of the world as we know it. Through the medium of music, DELANILA vigorously and bravely tackles the biggest social issue we face today.

Check out the new single, here.