Dejhare Releases Music Video for Soulful Single “What Is Love?”

With influences ranging from soft rock to world beat, and with a sprinkling of jazz and Motown, Dejhare’s music is inventive and vocal-focused.

As an artist and songwriter, Dejhare has continued to create music that resonates across social boundaries. Her single “What Is Love?” is another hit that fuses together soulful elements with pop. Lyrically, the single explores the concept of love and its individual meaning to everyone.

Filmed in various sunny cityscape locations, the music video keeps with the upbeat tempo of “What Is Love?” and Dejhare’s energy adds power to the single.

Dejhare realized her passion for music writing while working on audio and multimedia production in the digital health and wellness space. She eased off her corporate work to focus on her new project – creating music that resonates across social boundaries. Questions about life, love, and the legacy we leave behind fueled her creative process to make thoughtful and emotionally rich music. Dejhare’s music has been well received as she made her debut with her self- titled EP, Dejhare, released in September 2018. 

“What Is Love?” is the second single released from her new anticipated album Unbreakable. The record brings together new songs written and produced by Dejhare, and with co-writing and co-production support from Robert Berry. Unbreakable combines a variety of sounds to bring a refreshing new groove to the pop landscape. Reflective on the album, Dejhare imagines her fans “….will feel as close and connected to my songs as I feel when I sing them.”

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